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About Us

In 2003, Image Modelling was founded by John Wintle who has in the Visual Simulation Industry since 1987, working for a number of visual simulation manufacturers, on a variety of contract types.

Creating low polygon models and environments for a variety of different visual systems over the year, as well as recently, has meant that we are very used to getting the best out of the scene. The systems limitations and capacities, along with the interactions that are imposed on the overall visual scene, are paramount and are therefore checked at every stage.

Experience has also been gained in the Research and Development field, working alongside software designers and engineers, in the design, implementation and testing of various modelling tool sets and methodologies, as well as real-time environments.

The visual modelling is mainly done utilising tools from Presagis, namely Creator, as well as Adobe Photoshop for texture. The in house real time software WorldView is used to check and validate most work.

Existing models for legacy visual systems have also been updated and this type of work has been carried out on Image 500/PT systems. Latterly update work has also been carried out on Vital 8+ systems, with updates as well as a new build airfield being generated.

IML has supplied visual models, some to CAA Level D standard, as well as Modelling software, Image Generator training & Consultancy/Contracting to a range of industry customers.