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OpenFlight Airfields & Terrains

The following airports are being offered as COTS models in OpenFlight format:

A wide variety of standard features are offered with these models including:

The detail provided makes the model suitable for Low Visibility Procedure (LVP) training and ground navigation

Multi Levels of Details (LOD's) are utilised in the taxi mat area to reduce the polygon count due to the taxiway markings

Less detailed airfield versions are available, if not all the modelled details are required

All the models can be customised to exact specifications if required

Please note that some modifications will be required for the models to function correctly on individual I/G software, as they all work differently!

OpenFlight versions up to the latest 16.4 format can be offered


EGNT - Newcastle


EGHI - Southampton


EGCC - Manchester Ringway

LEAS Asturias Spain - FLT & Vital8+

LEAS - Asturias

Available in FLT and VITAL 8+ formats